Separation Agreement

Separation Agreement

One of our core values is Divorce with Dignity. Divorce is often messy and emotional, and we are here to help you make this process as easy as possible. One thing many couples find to be helpful is to separate before they actually file for divorce. Separating can be seen as a trial run of sorts. Sometimes what a couple really needs is time away from each other to see if divorce is really an option. Instead of just rushing into a divorce, separating gives couples a chance to slowly think through whether divorce is truly the right option for them. If at the end of the separation period the couple still decides to divorce, separation gives them the opportunity to slowly move into divorce with dignity. An important part of a separation is a Separation Agreement.

What is a Separation Agreement

Simply put, a Separation Agreement is a contract between a couple when they agree to separate as they think through the possibility of divorce. During a separation many of the same issues of a divorce arise. Couples have to work out how they will split property, how they will resolve any financial issues, and most importantly issues regarding their children. A Separation Agreement gives couples the opportunity to settle these issues with dignity.

Separation Agreements Allow for Clarity

An important factor for divorce and separation is clear communication. Even a separation can be a very emotional time for both husband and wife. Many times communication for what each party is expecting from the other is not always clear. This can make the separation process very stressful and painful for both. One way to help couples navigate a separation with dignity is through a Separation Agreement.

Separation Agreements Allow for Flexibility

Separation Agreements give couples the flexibility to resolve and come to an agreement on different issues. Couples are able to work together to come up with solutions that they both agree on. Again, these solutions are clearly laid out so that both party knows what is expected of each other. Every couple is unique. Every couple has unique issues that need to be addressed. And every couple is given the opportunity to come up with a unique solution for those issues in a Separation Agreement.

Separation Agreements Allow for Privacy

Part of Divorce or Separation with Dignity is trying to keep things as private as possible. A Separation Agreement allows a couple to resolve their issues privately. Couples decide on the agreement themselves and are able to privately resolve their issues.

Separate with Dignity. Divorce With Dignity

A helpful first step for couples looking to divorce with dignity is a period of separation. Separating for a certain amount of time gives a couple the chance to work through their issues and see if divorce is truly the option for them. Separation gives a couple the chance to slowly move into divorce with dignity. A Separation Agreement is a crucial part of separation because it allows couples the clarity, flexibility, and privacy they need to separate with dignity.

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