Knowing When It’s Time to Separate

Knowing When It’s Time to Separate

The one thing that every couple wants is a successful marriage. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Sometimes in marriage, divorce is inevitable. But how do you know when to keep fighting and when it is time for the marriage to end? There are several ways that allow you to know when it is time to separate.

You and Your Spouse Frequently Criticize Each Other

One sign that your marriage might be over is if you and your spouse are frequently critical towards each other. While occasional criticism is normal, excessive, almost passive aggressive criticism is not. Often times when this is happening, one or both spouses can be left feeling as though they are not good enough. If these feelings continue long enough, then the marriage will be coming to an end very quickly.

You Put Your Children First

In any relationship that involves children, it is important for you to put their needs above your own. If you continue to put your children’s needs above everything else, including those of you and your spouse, it can be detrimental to your marriage. While your children’s needs are important, you cannot spend all of your time and energy solely on them. In order to have a functioning, healthy relationship with your spouse, you need to invest in the needs of that relationship as well. By maintaining those needs, both of you are better equipped to handle the needs of your children.

You Feel Lonely With Your Spouse

If you have feelings of loneliness when you are with your spouse, this could also be a sign it is time to separate. Your spouse is the one who is meant to be your companion and best friend. They are the ones that you love and are meant to be able to confide in and share everything with. You are supposed to feel anything but loneliness when you are with them. But if you feel none of that when around them, your relationship might be beyond repair.

You Continually Argue About the Same Things

Another sign that it’s time to separate is if you and your spouse are constantly arguing over the same things. By arguing constantly, nothing is being resolved and the both spouses will remain miserable. If arguments are not being resolved, then there is no way for the relationship to continue moving forward. It stays in a stalemate with both parties feeling as though they cannot make any headway. Without resolving any disagreements, you will no longer experience any of the closeness that you had before and will potentially start drifting apart.

You Don’t Enjoy Spending Time With Each Other’s Family and Friends

Finally, one last sign that a divorce might be right for you is if you no longer enjoy being with your spouse’s friends and families. As a couple, the relationships you have with your other half’s friends and family are almost as important as the one you have with your spouse. It is often said that when you marry someone, you marry their family. As such, your relationship with them is crucial. If you do not enjoy spending time with your spouse’s family or friends, chances are you will begin to drift apart from your spouse. If these issues are not resolves quickly, then it can lead to you and your spouse spending more time with your individual friends and families than with each other.

Deciding whether or not a divorce is necessary is a difficult process. If you or someone you know is considering a divorce, feel free to contact Christine Howard today. Christine would be glad to talk with you about the process and answer any questions that you may have. She can be reached by phone at (864) 282-8575 or by email at

Adapted from 8 Ways You Know It’s Time to Divorce by Terry Gaspard.