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The area of family law has tremendous impact on the challenges people face in their personal relationships and legal rights. As a Greenville, SC, divorce attorney, Christine M. Howard brings nearly 25 years of experience helping community members navigate the judicial system and their protections under the law. These areas include:

Name Changes

There are several reasons that citizens seek to change their legal names. The most common is restoring your birth name after a divorce or changing the name of a child to be consistent with other family members. Before a family court can consider such a request, you’ll need to meet several procedural requirements.

  • Request a name change package from the State Law Enforcement Division
  • Get fingerprinted and pay for a background check
  • Verify you are not a listed as a child abuser on the Central Registry
  • Verify you are not a registered sex offender
  • Submit necessary Affidavits regarding alimony and child support payments

Once these documents are in order, the family court can be petitioned. In instances of spousal abuse, people often change their name to safeguard their identity and start a new life.

Orders of Protection

Orders of protection are issued to help safeguard against physical harm from a spouse, family member or someone you have an intimate relationship. They can also be geared toward forms of harassment such as stalking. If you have been threatened in any way, it’s important to seek a protective order.

Child Custody Rights

While married, parents have equal rights and responsibilities regarding their minor children. Divorce can alter the ability to spend time with the children and change the financial support each party is obligated to pay. Those issues are resolved in divorce proceedings. But there are other types of rights that you may want to address.

When people have children out of wedlock, paternity cases may need to be brought before the court to establish fatherhood. The court generally orders a DNA test to determine parental status and establish legal rights and responsibilities. Reverse paternity cases can also be brought to challenge fatherhood.

There are times when people other than the parents may be given what the court calls “third-party custody rights.” This occurs when biological parents pass away or are deemed unfit. Extended family members, stepparents or people with close ties to the child may petition the court for custody. Grandparents' rights are also considered a type of third party status. The issue of grandparents rights has gained weight and has proven to be a viable, healthy option that can benefit minors.

Family law matters are inherently personal and attorney Christine M. Howard brings a wealth of experience to the Greenville, SC, community.

If you feel like a Family Law Attorney could help your situation, you can call Christine M. Howard.

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