Divorce can be a challenging process, both emotionally and literally. It can be especially challenging if both spouses are not on good terms. But one thing that can help to ease tensions during the divorce proceedings is divorce mediation. This is when the divorcing couple hires a separate, unbiased party to act as the mediator in any and all discussion. Most times this person is their divorce attorney. But it actually can be anyone the couple chooses and can agree upon. Divorce mediation is a great solution for couples who may not be able to come to an agreement on their own, but what about couples who can? In these cases, streamlining divorce is an alternative option to consider.

What is Streamlining?

Streamlining divorce is when a couple has basically reached an agreement about their divorce. They do not need help with coming to a decision like other couples would. Instead, they are ready to move forward with their divorce in the most cost-effective way possible. To do this though, they need legal help. They need someone who can walk with them through the process and make sure that everything is running smoothly. This is where a divorce attorney comes in.

What is the Attorney’s Role?

A divorce attorney’s role in the process is to act as a guide. The couple already knows they want to divorce, and they already have a plan in place. They just need help enacting the plan. This is where the attorney can help. He or she already knows their way around the legal system. They know what is needed in order to give the separating couple a smooth break. By working with the couple, the attorney can make sure continue to offer advice to the couple and ensure that the divorce is being handled correctly. In turn, the couple can have peace of mind knowing that their attempt at handling their own divorce was successful.

Benefits of Streamlined Divorce

In addition to having more control over the divorce, streamlining it also allows for a more cost-effective divorce. By settling any differences between each other, couples are able to save money because they are not spending as much time in the company of their attorney. Another benefit of streamlined divorce is that it allows less fighting between the divorcing couple. By tackling this process together without attorney assistance, they are required to work with each other to determine the terms of their divorce. This process can help ensure that the split will be as friendly and as easy as possible for everyone involved.

While divorce can be difficult, it is important to not make it harder than it needs to be. Streamlining your divorce can be a simple solution. If you or someone you know is thinking it might be time for a divorce, feel free to contact Christine Howard. Christine would be glad to talk with you about all of your options and help you determine the best course of action for your needs. You can reach out to Christine’s office by phone at (864) 282-8575 or by email at info@christinehoward.com.