Divorce is expensive. Along with the heartache, divorce also comes with a financial cost. Even though emotions are often running high, couples who are seeking to divorce should consider the cost before they make the final decision. One thing many couples find to be helpful is to separate before they actually file for divorce. Separating can be seen as a trial run of sorts. Sometimes what a couple really needs is time away from each other to see if divorce is really an option. Instead of just rushing into a divorce, separating gives couples a chance to slowly think through whether divorce is truly the right option for them. If at the end of the separation period the couple still decides to divorce, separation gives them the opportunity to slowly move into divorce with dignity. Separation can give the couple time to look at the financial cost without emotions getting in the way. It gives you the time to really think through if divorce is the right option.

An important part of a separation is a Separation Agreement.

What is a Separation Agreement

Simply put, a Separation Agreement is a contract between a couple when they agree to separate as they think through the possibility of divorce. During a separation many of the same issues of a divorce arise. Couples have to work out how they will split property, how they will resolve any financial issues, and most importantly issues regarding their children. A Separation Agreement gives couples the opportunity to settle these issues with dignity.

The Cost of Separation

The cost of divorce in South Carolina can run between $12,000 up to $28,000. This is important for couples to consider and talk through with their lawyer or an experienced professional.

A separation however, is not as expensive. In South Carolina, there is a fee of $150 and an additional $25 fee. You will have to pay your lawyer fees separately, but even those will be significantly less than when you file for divorce.

Take Your Time

Divorce is not something that a couple should rush into. Emotions may be strong, but it’s important to try to think through everything before rushing into a divorce. A separation agreement is an option for couples to look into as they are considering divorce. Separation not only gives you sometime to see if ending your marriage is really the right solution, it also is less expensive than filing for divorce right away.

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