Separation agreements are a large part of the divorce process. As such, they should not be taken lightly. Because this document is basically preparing the end of your marriage, it is imperative that you take the time to read it. Why? Because separation agreements are permanent and difficult. This is why it is important to spend time reading a separation agreement before signing it. By not pouring over the agreement, you put yourself at risk of losing much more than just your marriage.

Separation Agreements are Permanent

This is perhaps the most important thing to realize when filing for a separation agreement. They are permanent. With this being the case, you should definitely take the time to read it. A separation agreement is basically in charge of your divorce. It dictates how your assets will be divided among you and your spouse; and once that is done, there is no going back. As such, you need to be aware of what it says. By thoroughly reading your separation agreement, you can be sure that you are not potentially being taken advantage of by your spouse or your spouse’s lawyer. For instance, you might come across some sections of the document that you are not completely comfortable with.

Many separation agreements will often have releases in them that act as a way to secure anything that has been negotiated. These releases can include anything from who gets the house to how custody of any children is split. The releases signify that both parties have agreed to the terms at hand. Without carefully reading the separation agreement, many people end their marriage and receive less than what they had hoped for.

Separation Agreements are Difficult

Separation agreements can also be difficult, both to draft and to read. This is why many people do not want to take the time to go through them. When working on creating a separation agreement it is important to make sure that you have a lawyer work on it with you. It can be hard to decide how to divide everything without using any outside help. This is how a lawyer can help. In addition to drafting the legal document, they can also help to mediate your divorce process. By doing this, you are saving yourself from stress on two different fronts. Also, when planning to draft a separation agreement, make sure that you take the time to research the laws of your state. Your lawyer will know them, but it never hurts to have the knowledge yourself.

Separation agreements are an essential resource for any couple who is planning to divorce. If you would like to read further about the importance of reading separation agreements, then click here to read an article about this subject from If you or someone you know has a question about the process, or are going through a divorce, feel free to contact Christine Howard. She would be glad to answer any questions that you might have or help you through any struggles you are having in this process. She can be reached at by phone at (864) 282-8575 or email at