When a couple decides to divorce, it can be a difficult time. Both members are having to adjust to a new normal. No divorce is ever easy, but sometimes they can be made simpler. One way is through a separation agreement. A separation agreement is one of the best ways to help ease the difficulties that divorce brings.

How It Works

A separation agreement allows couples to determine how to divide their assets before the divorce. This way a couple can work out who will receive what before the actual process of divorcing begins. This can come as a relief for many couples. A divorce is already stressful enough. No one wants to add fighting over assets to the to-do list as well.

How It Helps a Divorce

Rather than settle how finances will be divided or who will gain custody of any children in court, a separation agreement helps to settle these issues out of court. In South Carolina, a separation agreement is gained during the period of separation, which must be for a least a year before a couple can legally proceed with a divorce. This time apart can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether or not a couple ultimately decides to separate or stay together.

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