Divorce is a messy and difficult situation. There is often a lot of pain and heartbreak involved. Many couples want to be able to divorce quickly, quietly, and with as much dignity as possible. Christine M. Howard strives to help couples achieve this through a simple divorce.

What is a Simple Divorce?

A simple divorce, also known as an uncontested divorce, is an easy way for divorcing couples to divorce with dignity. In a simple divorce, a couple has come to an agreement on all of the issues regarding the divorce including:

  • How to divide property
  • Custody and parenting responsibilities
  • Child support or spouse support

The couple files the agreement with the court. The judge reviews everything and grants the divorce. A simple, uncontested divorce is usually done without many hearings. It is a simple, streamlined process that allows a couple to divorce quickly, quietly, and with dignity.

What are the benefits of a Simple Divorce?

A simple divorce has many benefits including:

  • Costs: A simple divorce is often the cheapest way for a couple to divorce.
  • Quicker process: A simple divorce is a very quick process since a couple has already decided on all of the issues in their divorce.
  • Less conflict: Because there are fewer court proceedings there are also fewer opportunities for conflict throughout the process.
  • More private: Also because there are fewer proceedings and because the process is quicker there is also less information open to the public. This allows a couple to move on with their lives quietly and with dignity.

We to help you work through your divorce quickly, quietly and with dignity. If you think a simple divorce might be the right option for you, please contact Christine M. Howard.