Divorce is never an easy or simple thing. When deciding to end your marriage there is often a lot of emotion and stress involved. We want to help you process your divorce quickly and with as much dignity as possible. In last month’s blog we talked about an uncontested divorce being an option for those who want to divorce with dignity. In an uncontested divorce a couple has spent a year in separation and have come to an agreement on all of the issues surrounding their divorce often through a separation agreement. This process is one of the best ways to divorce with dignity. Here we want to list some of the advantages of an uncontested divorce.

Advantage #1: Cost

One advantage to an uncontested divorce is the cost. In most cases all you will end up having to pay is the fee to file with the court. Even if you have attorneys involved costs can be reduced if you and your spouse can come to an agreement easily.

Advantage #2: Less Stress

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages is less stress on both parties. Divorce in general can be stressful. It can be stressful for a couple to try to figure out how to do life without each other. In contested divorces, a couple is looking for the court to decide on the outcome. But in an uncontested divorce there is less time in court because the couple has already been able to come to an agreement on their divorce. This means there is less time dealing with the court, which means less stress and more dignity.

Advantage #3: More Private

Even though the agreements that you and your spouse come to are filed with the court and become public record, the disclosures you’ve made to one another do not need to be public. And because you spend less time dealing with the court, there is less information available anyway. This means a couple can move on with their lives without everything being made public.

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