While divorce is never an ideal experience to have, it is possible to have a civil divorce. Every couple going through divorce has this goal: to divorce in the easiest and simplest way possible. For many couples with this goal, they will choose an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is the best option for this situation, but the chances of it working out exactly like the couple would want are rare.

Division of Assets

While uncontested divorces are used by many couples, ones where both sides will get exactly what they want are not likely. It is almost impossible to receive everything desired both quickly and cheaply. The couple needs to learn to compromise on some things. This comes most often in division of assets. While this looks easy, looks can be deceiving. Compromising can prove to be a difficult task for divorcing couples. Even if they have mostly settled the division of assets, there is always one issue that will pop up. This is the main reason why simple uncontested divorces are rare. Most couples think that they can handle dividing up their assets without any problem. It’s only when they start realizing what they might have to give up that the problems arise.

Child Custody

Another factor regarding divorce is child custody. Determining how time with your children will be determined is perhaps the most important part of the divorce. Like other assets, child custody requires careful thought before proceedings. If couples want to obtain a completely hassle free and easy divorce, they need to weigh all of the factors. What will each person’s schedule be like? Who is going to be able to provide the most stable home for the children the majority of the time? Both partners are going to need to be willing to compromise. They need to put their children’s needs first and determine which one can meet the most needs, if both cannot equally.

While a completely quick and easy uncontested divorce is rare, it can be done. Both sides need to take the time before beginning proceedings to determine how they are going to divide their assets. In order to do this effectively, both spouses need to realize there will be compromising. If both spouses can do this, then a smooth divorce process is attainable.

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Adapted from How to Get Divorced in NM Without the Drama (and Expense!) by Anthony Spratley.