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Representing clients since 1995, Attorney Christine M. Howard is passionate about providing the legal and emotional support her clients need when going through family law issues. Licensed in both South Carolina and Florida, she has the extensive experience needed to navigate through complex child- related legal matters.

Greenville Attorney Christine M. Howard regularly appears in Family Court, representing her clients on issues including paternity, custody and grandparent rights.

Child Support

South Carolina laws require every parent to support their children. Whether or not the parents were ever married, the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines calculate the amount of child support based mainly on how much the parents make, and how many children they have.

Child Support Attorney Christine M. Howard guides her clients through the steps to understand how support is determined, and represents both custodial and non-custodial parents to make sure their rights are being respected as far as actual payments. She can help make sure that existing child support orders are enforced, and help with modifications if circumstances have changed.

Child Custody

In South Carolina, child custody is determined by many factors, but the judge ultimate decides based on the best interests of the child. Child Custody Attorney Christine M. Howard realizes that her clients want what is best for their children, and works to get the best result for them.

It is always an emotional time when parents have a dispute over what custody arrangement is best, and Greenville Attorney Christine M. Howard has assisted her clients in presenting the facts in their favor.


Visitation for the non-custodial parent is also decided by the South Carolina Family Court Judge based on many factors. All non-custodial parents should spend quality time with their children, and the children deserve to grow up with both parents supporting them in their lives.

Visitation Attorney Christine M. Howard understands that it can be difficult to get help when trying to establish and maintain visitation, as no state agencies assist with this. She is committed to helping clients establish and maintain these very important rights, which are also vital for the children.

Child Matters Attorney

If you need help with any child-related issues, Greenville Attorney Christine M. Howard will gladly talk to you about your case.

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